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Life in the standard has always been "More than the dollar, the better!" But more is better? In particular, in cases of doubling and tripling and foodstuffs - including everything from burgers to fries. This is the same as the market in three passport, please ", instead of the normal jargon Burger.

This brings us to the debate on costs which should carry a triple bypass? Clients? Or food, pushers "?

Restore button (eg restaurants, fast 'fooderies, a movie concession, etc.) to the theory that consumers "Weigh in" at fault. Only the service, and can not help what they do, Food is so delicious and tasted so good, and that price and the consumer consumes too much fat, sugar and pulp. What they do not recognize that the majority of consumers who eat unhealthy food analysis of foodstuffs.

Given that, it Pushers foods bear responsibility for the health of their patrons of problems can occur?

A meal-deal, twenty or eat, this is not a person a Health Report Card. This combination of many things. This is the reason that some people have fat and cheese every day and never the heart of unhealthy days in my life, and why others may be prudent, as the ice mass on coronary and experience in the middle of life. Exercise, genes, metabolism, and so few elements that play into the picture of health.

However, food should not push to the hook so easily. In many cases they are the reason that consumers of unhealthy foods depends in the first place. Food pusher and not a mere cessation of potatoes. They added, cheese, sour cream and Chile, onion rings and fries top of crunches, poor diet, more calories than the salt of the sea, and yes, even an amount that - it is the salt .

When analyzing the situation with a practical fashion, food, pushers of the obligation, friendly service and the service potential of a myocardial infarction Pie for the consumer. You must also have an obligation to tell consumers exactly what the problem is that myocardial infarction Pie - calories, fat grams, cholesterol, sodium, and other benefits.

But of course, it could "secret recipe" of a high risk. But what a life without risk, something "weight"?

But apart from that, as addicted to food, they can stop and think twice, if the packaging of food, more than a little oil on your hands.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Food Is For Thought

Italian cuisine is now considered the first of a kitchen in the world, known for exquisite, composed of various ingredients such as olives, balsamic vinegar and pesto. Italian cuisine is simple, alive and well for you. Italian cuisine is not just for Italians but for all.


For hundreds of years, Italian cuisine has a very simple principle: food is the best, so fresh and cooked in the season. The reason for this fragmentation cooking is simple: with the exception of the nobility and the clergy is the most Italians is not easy to leave, and as a result of every town and valley has something unique. The great advantage of Italian cuisine is the healthy balance, the basic ingredients are cooked in a simple style, while maintaining their original quality and freshness.


Italian cuisine encapsulates the history, tradition and folklore, the more acutely aware of the unique nature and seasonality, is really the "spiritual food". "Italy civilization of the table is a product of Italian history, and history is marked by division and violence, as well as by the beauty and creativity, barbarism and civilization. Each of the more than 20 regions of Italy has another history and geography, which based their methods and ingredients of the cuisine. Food is also culture, and it is important to keep alive the traditions, as they are part of our history.


A glass sauce is good, but the house always has the best taste. Italian dishes from the North Sea are generally a bit "heavy" in the south, believe that the ingredients for Spaghetti Carbonara compared to conventional healthier and easier tomato sauces of the South. It is difficult to imagine Italian cuisine without the tomato sauce flows before that period, the tomato was only a weed in cornfields Aztec. Over pasta, seafood cooking Italian cuisine anchor recalls Italian pastas and sauces.


Is it only for opening a box of spaghetti your idea of fresh Italian pasta? Pasta, no doubt, plays a large part in most traditional Italian cuisine, and few cultures know how a tomato, as the Italians can. Italian cuisine is full of beautiful single pasta, with all kinds of vegetables and legumes. Italian cuisine is on any combination of local tastes delicious, sauce, a spreading of Parmesan and, of course, genuine Italian pasta. Pizza and pasta are very popular in the world, and Italy consumes, on average, 28 pounds of pasta per year. If the egg fresh pasta instead of dry pasta lasagna, you can discover a surprising treatment for the taste buds. The type of pulp used in the days preceding the industry, dry pasta durum wheat, water and a pinch of salt (Spaghetti, Rigatoni, and so on) was easier to do and, consequently, more People in the south, where warmer temperatures and increased sunlight dispatched drying pasta.

Italian meal

Did you know that Italian cuisine is the most popular dining cuisine from around the world? The fact that Italian cuisine is very healthy because of the use of fresh products has continued to increase their value. Most Italian food is very varied, as a general rule, with pasta. Pasta: When in Rome and each time the Italian cuisine is the top choices among ethnic minorities, kitchen, according to the National Restaurant Association.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kids' Favorite Party Foods

If you plan to the menu of your child's birthday party most important, it should think that most children are very easy to find, when it is traditional birthday-how. Its main objective is to food, fun!

Cake and ice. If you have access to a Sorbetière, home ice is much more privileged also register the mark the most expensive. The kids love. Do you ice the night of basic and Chill careful. Children can help the layer of salt and ice and are fascinated, but if the base of the ice turns into liquid ice. An electrical Sorbetière takes about 45 minutes to plan some activities or games in the time interval. Or run the ice at the beginning of the feast.

If you save bought ice ball of paper and online cupcake then freeze. It is much easier to use this way. If you want to get fancy, you can use a small or miniature spoons, and then roll the balls in Kokosnußflocken, cocoa, chocolate sprinkles, mini-chocolate chips, crushed nuts, then refreeze.

Maybe you want with vanilla key vanilla or at least as an alternative. Many children are allergic to react or ingredients of chocolate in the other flavors.

The same with cakes ... if possible, the house is the best. You can choose to cook in the oven a small cake (for candles) and cupcakes for each guest. Cupcakes are much easier to use, if it is a space with guests enthusiastic.

Another alternative is a huge cookie pizza baked in a pan, then decorated with Happy Birthday. Chilled ready to use cookie dough and put hard to reach the other, so they come together when cooked. If the cookie is still warm in the oven gumdrops large square on the cake, one for each year the anniversary and press the cookie. The merger is a little gumdrop and the cookie. You can then a candle in each gumdrop and not fall over.

The pizza is always a pretty safe bet when it comes to favorite foods of children. It is not too chaotic and do not necessarily want to be. Look plain cheese pizza or two or three "one point" like all decisions of all mushrooms or peppers. Some children are finicky when it comes to creams, when they are all mixed together.

Most children are not rotate down hot dogs or hamburgers ... especially the mini-version. Serve with potato chips and fruit salad for a delicious combination.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Recognize Low Calorie Foods

It is easy to recognize the fat in a steak or fat, but not as easy to recognize, in the invisible cupcake a fat or a cookie. To find out how much fat in these foods, you must be 'Label savvy "- read labels on food packaging facts and give special attention on" Serving Size ".

To purchase foodstuffs in the counter Donuts, fried apples, etc., we must ask: "Is this fat deep fried?" When it was likely he was grilled by the trans fat a high level of calories, and as heart rainy.

The fat can be considered as bad and good. Bad fats are saturated fats and trans fats. Saturated fats are found in meat and dairy products and lead to great things taste, but increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The trans fats are manufactured in large part (margarine was for the first time the event) were roasted in the oven and deep. If an item, it is packed in the list of Nutrition Facts label. You play with your cholesterol and destruction must be in your diet.

The good fats are found in products like olive oil, nuts and seeds. Most of these foods contain saturated fat, polyunsaturated fats but the mono-unsaturated and components is still much to denounce the effects of component saturated.

It is good to good fat substitute for bad fats. For example, eating a handful of almonds instead of a ring during breaks. You must remember that although nuts contain good fats, they are ie fat and count their calories is high. With the meal, a quantity of them each day on weight.

Continue to watch us protein. A lean beef steak taste and is a good example of raw animal protein. Most people eat more than 4 ounces in the evening meal meal. That is all that is necessary on a daily basis. More than that, and you're in überessend that saturated fatty acids in meat and calories are dramatically increasing. Steak beef can not be regarded as low-calorie meal.

Start up to a Healthier You

Most processed foods are low in nutrients from the reality that the body needs for his health at the bottom of the ladder cell. It is for this reason that population ageing faster, ending with disorders related to stress, which is usually busy. You can simply take the time to collect a cup of coffee. If you can do, then takes a glass of Health, which let you enjoy the benefits of antioxidants should not be difficult.

Take the time to try. Use this for a week or a month and replace the coffee drinks with antioxidants. You see, when you see the difference for you in the amount of energy. Most people do not eat foods, individuals and nutrients needed. They are found in fruits like black cherry, pomegranate, black gooseberry. They are found in blueberries and cranberries. Thanks to a combination of all these, they can a long and very positive.

Purple is an antioxidant drink. It contains seven fruits, full of antioxidants that your body needs. This work on nutrients at the cellular level, your body with a sense of general well-being. They help, energy and reduce signs of aging. By providing energy in the body, and reducing signs of aging, in addition to the release of the body of the toxicity of radicals. They are at the end with a healthier and happier.

In addition, you help your spirit, because you have your body with good fuel it needs, at it's best. In other words, you are better able to manage stressful situations and better able, by the day. What to do when you connect to your exercise routine to make it more effective, it is worth examining an antioxidant that packs drink. Antioxidants radicals to remove the body. The radicals are substances that are released into the body and can be toxic if it helps build.

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